Alayli Concept


Partnership programs

While Alaylı Concept provides product supply for retail suppliers with its wide product range, it also offers special product design services for corporate brands.

Product Shipment Security

Alaylı Concept has extremely strict rules about maintaining the quality standards of its products. The approval of product acceptance before shipment is subject to high standards. The finished product is never taken into the packaging process without passing the quality control and getting quality approval. Before packaging, the products go through a flawless control by our quality control team. Each of the products is packed with special, protected styrofoam and insulated. The company completes its packaging by placing the products in shockproof wooden crates for customers who order from abroad. As the Alaylı Concept family, we understand you very well. If you request, the company offers an inspection company that will make the final inspection of your products before shipment, which you can contact from Turkey, or it is pleased to welcome the personnel of the inspection and inspection company you have agreed with. The reason for this sensitivity is that Alaylı Concept sees all its customers as part of its family and believes that meeting their demands and requests is a requirement of a long friendship.