Alayli Concept

Product Care

Brass Products

Alaylı Concept has sealed the brass products with organic resin, which can be processed at high temperatures, in order to extend their durability and service life. This process makes brass products extremely resistant to color fading, scratches and tarnishing caused by sunlight and extends their maintenance period. After using the products, it is sufficient to wipe them with a clean damp cloth.

Stainless Products

The company has used stainless metal in most of its designs to keep the products hygienic and usable. The reason for this choice is that Stainless Metal is a corrosion resistant and easy to clean product due to its structure. In case of contamination of stainless products, cleaning can be done with a soft cloth using dishwashing gel and liquid dish soap. The use of acid and highly abrasive cleaning products can also dull the stainless metal over time. The most suitable method is cleaning using dishwashing gel and soap. If the metal becomes dull after long usage, you can get a shiny surface again with the help of a cloth by using chrome polish.

Maintenance of Marble Products

Put the mixture of warm water and ammonia-free soap in a small bucket. Wet a clean micro fiber cloth by dipping it into this mixture and apply it to the marble product. Get help from the brush in the stain removal process and apply light pressure. After your stain removal process, clean the surface with water and dry it.

Porcelain Product Cleaning

The company procured the porcelains used in the products from the best brands in the world. Bleach and chemical cleaners should always be avoided when cleaning porcelain. Instead, it is best to moisten a soft sponge, sprinkle some baking soda on it, and gently scrub the area to remove the stain.